Team Members

Feed Chip Team Members
Sarah Galloway

Before laying the foundation for Feed Chip, Sarah was a teacher who worked at a School for more than 4 years. She worked her way towards understanding the trends and patterns of internet news reporting to create a platform that currently provides the latest news from different parts of the globe. Apart from being the founder of the website, Sarah is also a creative writer who loves to write the latest news from the education sector.

Michael Preston
Writer (Science/Environment)

Michael has been a part of Feed Chip ever since it started. As a quick learner and passionate writer, he contributes his writing skills for the website by jotting down intellectual news articles from Science and Environment categories.

Donna Baker
Writer (Technology)

Donna is a name that comes with an epic description for technology geek. She loves decoding things that are new in the technology sector. She has been contributing interesting news for the portal from technology section. 

Sharon Rodgers
Writer (U.S.)

Sharon is one among the oldest contributors of Feed Chip. She aims to empower the readers with delivery of apt factual analysis of various news pieces from around the U.S.